What is the climate in Sofia?

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Guided tours Sofia – Sofia climate

Guided tours Sofia – Sofia climate is humid continental with an average temperature of 11 °C (51 °F).

Winters are snowy and cold. The temperature can go down to below -15 °C. The coldest temperature ever recorded is −28.3 °C. In the summer temperature can go up to 35 °C. If you like to do your Sofia tours in winter you should put extra clothes on.

Sofia is located

Guided tours Sofia – The capital Sofia is located at 550 metres (1,800 ft) of altitude, in a valley, in a position which enhances cold air stagnation in winter, and in some cases the summer heat as well. The city is located south of the western part of the Balkan range, but in this part the mountains are not very high, so they don’t protect much the city from cold air masses; in addition, due to the altitude, the city is often the coldest city of Bulgaria. Here the average in January is -1.5 °C (29.5 °F).

In summer, however, Sofia is cooler than the plains because of altitude: the average temperature in July is 20 °C (68 °F), even though sometimes it can be hot, with peaks of 35/37 °C (95/99 °F) from June to August, while nights are almost always cool and pleasant.

Sofia has a marine west coast climate that is mild with no dry season, warm summers. Heavy precipitation occurs during mild winters which are dominated by mid-latitude cyclones. Seasonality is moderate (Koppen-Geiger classification: Cfb).

According to the Holdridge life zones system of bioclimatic classification Sofia is situated in or near the cool temperate moist forest biome.

The average temperature is 10 degrees “Guided tours Sofia”.

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