A giant snail is climbing up the hill

Sofia day trips – the Profligate Snail house is in fact a 5-storey building shaped like a snail. It goes up the hill in the district of Simeonovo, in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. The architect, who doesn’t like to be known, definitely had a great vision. Or we can easily call him an eccentric. How can one design a building which has the shape of a snail!?

A little information for you, our guests, when you are having our Sofia day trips and you like to see the snail home; do not try to touch the snail’s horns. First, it’s quite dangerous to climb up there and second – even if you touch them, they don’t go in.

An eccentric architect’s masterpiece in Sofia day trips

sofia day tripsThe architect of that interesting house didn’t want to be known so we will simply call him the ‘architect of the snail house’. He started to build the house at the end of the ‘80s. It did take a decade to finish it. The architect of the snail house had also designed the golf courses in Japan and France. He had as well worked over the Palace of the Emir of Kuwait.

I am sure that even the workers involved in the construction of the building didn’t have any idea about the snail while they were building it.

Why snail? Why he chose this particular place? We simply don’t know.

What we know is this is the success of the architect. He might have had a pet snail when he was a child. Or he might have also been attracted by the calmness of the snail. We leave it to your imagination to find the answers to all the Why? questions.

For the construction of the house only high quality lightweight and environmentally friendly materials had been used. There are no straight walls, corners and edges. It is also said that there is no brick used for the construction.

When you go to the rear of the building, you can also see butterflies on its back.

The Profligate Snail Home, one of the symbols of Sofia day trips

sofia day tripsNot only the outside of the snail house differs from the standard but also the interior pushed the limits with the ancient antique furniture that belonged to the owner’s ancestors with funny heating radiators in the form of a frog, a ladybug or a pumpkin.

It might have been the passion of one person in the beginning but now the snail house became one of the centres of attraction, even one of the symbols of Sofia.

People who have a different, positive and creative look at life need to be encouraged. They need to be supported to do what they do – reveal the good side of things.

That’s why if it suits your tailor-made Sofia day trips, we surely would like to take you there and push the limits of your imagination. You would not have the chance to see the architect of the Profligate Snail Home but definitely you can see and touch his dream.

We are specialists on doing tailor-made tours like walking guided tours Sofia. So, please contact us and we will make the dream tour in Turkey for you.

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