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Peace and tranquility in Sofia day tour

Park Borisova Gradina (Borisova Garden, the Garden of Boris or known as Central Park as well) is the biggest park within the city’s area and in our Sofia day tour. It is located between Orlov Most (the Eagle’s Bridge) and Vasil Levski Stadium.

Boris’ Garden or Knyaz Boris’ Garden was made in the late 19th century and was named after the Bulgarian Tzar Boris III. With the communist regime the name was changed to Freedom Park. Freedom Park from the past or the original Boris’ Garden, it is considered the most beautiful and well-taken care of park in Sofia. This is the favourite recreation place of most citizens of Sofia. In the everyday fast life of the capital of Bulgaria, where people are most of the time in rush, under pressure, the park is the place where they can find peace and tranquility.

Like mentioned earlier, the park was constructed in the late 19th century. In fact it was constructed soon after the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottomans. That was in 1878. A Swiss expert gardener was invited to create the garden. His plans were the garden to be used like a nursery where trees, shrubs and flowers would grow. That’s why the Swiss specialist planted these and fruit trees. Daniel Neff (that’s the name of the gardener) had his first plan of what the garden would be like in 1882. He set up the nursery and started completing his plan in 1884.

Artificial lake and oak trees

An artificial lake was built and oak trees and hawthorns were planted around it. Many acacia trees were planted as well, flowerbeds were shaped. Many saplings were produced in the nursery and they were enough to meet the needs of the city as well as they were sold to the people. That was Daniel Neff’s idea, actually when he started the project. Gradually, by the year 1185 the nursery started to look like a garden and it spread on an area of 300, 000 m². In the year 1886 the new garden had four main alleys.

With the growing of the garden to the southwest, the need of more and bigger attractions grew as well. A bigger lake was built in 1889. Knyaz Ferdinand, though ordered in 1888 the replacement of most acacias with forest oaks, sycamores, ash trees and birches. Followed the years of planting deciduous trees, bushes and coniferous species.

Two more periods followed for the Borisova Gradina, after the Neff period. These were the Frei period and the Duhtev period. It is great that every other specialist respected the work of the one before and only worked to improve it although still following their plans. Both the Alsatian and the Bulgarian specialists worked passionately enough to create the Borisova Gradina Park.

The lungs of Sofia in Sofia day tour

In a city, big like Sofia, where car traffic is enormous. Where lots of people pace to and fro, the need of such a place where one can sit and enjoy the plantation and grab from its powerful energy.

Sofia day tour in this place aims one thing only, to make you feel the peace of eternity; the peace of a place where time stands still despite all the attractions the garden offers. Ignoring the two big stadiums (The National Stadium Vasil Levski and the stadium of Bulgarian Army); the tennis courts, playgrounds, bars and restaurants, one can enjoy the trees and flowers and let themselves to dream.

If you want to have a great day walking and playing in the centre of Sofia, but at the same time away from the everyday grind; then the Borisova Gradina is the right place for you. There are numerous alleys in the park, benches and spots for your recreation. Large monuments from the time of Socialism regime also rise in the park.

When you visit Sofia, make sure you find time for the Borisova Gradina Park! Even if you join Sofia day tour, the time spent in Sofia and in the garden will be funnier.

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sofia-day-tour-borisova-gradina Peace and tranquility in Sofia day tourPark Borisova Gradina (Borisova Garden, the Garden of Boris or known as Central Park as well) is the biggest park within the city’s area and in our Sofia day tour. It is located between Orlov Most (the Eagle’s...


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