Make personal Sofia tours part of your Bulgaria visit

EnmarBG is a travel agency that has been established in 2013 and since then has been working hard and with pleasure to introduce the mysterious; beautiful; adventurous and historical Bulgaria and Sofia to the world. A team of Bulgaria-lovers who like to make you feel at home in your personal Sofia tours.

The agency is located in the small but famous town of Kazanlak. The town is in the centre of Bulgaria, in the fragrant Rose Valley and also the Valley of the Thracian Kings.

We, after having more than ten years of experience in tourism, decided to bring our business to Bulgaria. Bulgaria is an unspoilt country with interesting culture, beautiful nature and friendly people. Bulgaria is Sofia, Bulgaria is the Black Sea, Bulgaria is the marvellous mountains… Sofia is Serdica, Sofia is antiquity, the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the Rotunda. Sofia is Vitosha mountain.

We invite you to be our guests and dream your dreams with our experienced team of dream explorers.

Responsibility, devotion, inspiration, personal touch are all labels you can use for us.

We take what we do seriously and with responsibility. That makes us well-organized but flexible as well. We do our best and more to offer what each one of you deserves. As our guests you deserve the best. You deserve to have peace of mind knowing that we are available to assist you 24 hours a day. Being always next to you, aware of your needs, desires, preferences, problems, we can proudly say that we are able to answer all kinds of questions concerning destinations, tours, lifestyle etc.

Devotion is for the way we do what we do – private tours, customized tours. In each itinerary we create for you and then the tour, there is a piece of us.

What greater inspiration than you, the people who trust their hearts and follow their dreams, and lovely Bulgaria itself. Breathtaking views and history, culture, traditions, warm and hospitable people will inspire you as well.

Personal touch to each customer in an attempt to reach your souls and make you happy. We believe that we are all different and unique. So, we try to make your tour unique and touch your emotions in a way only you can experience. Personal Sofia tours are to be experienced.

Bulgaria’s star is rising on the best-destination scene

Bulgaria’s got so much to offer! Sofia has got so much to offer! EnmarBG has so much to offer!

We are improving with every tour we make for you and with you. You are the owners of the emotion ( called travel Sofia, Bulgaria) you like to live, see, touch and we are the designers that make it possible for you.

Join our personal Sofia tours that show, tell and touch souls with the love they have!

We are specialists on doing tailor-made tours like Sofia tours. So, please contact us and we will make the dream tour in Turkey for you.

We are also so happy to introduce Turkey; Istanbul & Ephesus tours and to all our visitors to get more about Istanbul please check Istanbul guided tours, about Ephesus please check guided Ephesus tour.


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