Dragalevtsi Monastery

Tours Sofia Mystique of Dragalevtsi Monastery A Journey Through Time

Discover the Treasures of ‘The Royal Monastery’

Tours Sofia, nestled amidst the verdant slopes of Vitosha, Dragalevtsi Monastery of the Holy Mother of God stands as a testament to Bulgaria’s rich religious heritage. Erected at the end of the 14th and 15th centuries, this sacred sanctuary is part of a cluster of monasteries surrounding Sofia, offering visitors a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Join us on a Sightseeing Sofia journey as we explore the timeless allure and captivating history of this revered institution.

A Legacy of Royalty

Established in 1345 by Tsar Ivan Alexander during the Second Bulgarian Empire, Dragalevtsi Monastery holds a prominent place among Bulgaria’s historic landmarks. Endowed with lands and tax exemptions by Tsar Ivan Alexander’s son, Tzar Ivan Shishman, the monastery garnered the moniker ‘Royal Monastery’ for its patronage by the ruling elite and nobility. Over the centuries, it served as a bastion of spirituality and scholarship, attracting pilgrims and scholars from near and far.

Resilience Amidst Adversity

Unlike many of its counterparts, Dragalevtsi Monastery endured centuries of upheaval with remarkable resilience. While Ottoman conquests led to the desecration of the monastery in 1382, the steadfast dedication of its monks ensured its survival. Despite periods of abandonment and neglect, the monastery rose from the ashes, symbolizing the enduring spirit of Bulgaria’s religious heritage.

A Beacon of Learning

Throughout its storied history, Dragalevtsi Monastery emerged as a center of learning and enlightenment. In the XVI – XVII centuries, it flourished as a hub of the Sofia Literary School, attracting intellectuals and spiritual seekers from across Bulgaria and beyond. Countless holy texts were penned within its hallowed walls, preserving the wisdom of generations for posterity. Today, the monastery stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Bulgaria’s literary heritage.

Legends of Divine Intervention

Local folklore abounds with tales of miraculous occurrences surrounding Dragalevtsi Monastery. According to legend, shepherds stumbled upon an icon of the Holy Mother in the fields of Dragalevtsi, only to find it mysteriously returned to the same spot the following day. Interpreting this as a divine sign, the villagers erected a humble church in her honor, laying the foundation for the monastery’s establishment. To this day, the legend of the Holy Mother’s intervention continues to captivate visitors and locals alike.

Sofia City Tour – a Revolutionary Epicenter

During the 19th century, Dragalevtsi Monastery played a pivotal role in Bulgaria’s struggle for independence. Renowned revolutionary Vasil Levski utilized the monastery as a clandestine hideout and established a secret revolutionary committee for the Sofia region. Today, the monastery stands as a testament to Bulgaria’s revolutionary spirit and the enduring legacy of its quest for freedom.

Preserving Heritage

In 1932, Dragalevtsi Monastery underwent extensive renovations, blending traditional architecture with modern amenities. The old and new churches were united, and the monastery was designated a cultural monument, ensuring its preservation for future generations. Today, it serves as an active nunnery, welcoming pilgrims and visitors seeking solace amidst its sacred precincts.

Embark on a Spiritual Odyssey

Dragalevtsi Monastery stands as a beacon of Bulgaria’s religious heritage and cultural identity. Whether exploring its ancient corridors or basking in the tranquility of its gardens, the monastery offers a profound glimpse into Bulgaria’s past and present. Join us on a Tours Sofia adventure and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and spirituality of ‘The Royal Monastery.’ Contact us today to begin your journey through Sofia’s sacred treasures.

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tours-sofia-dragalevtsi-monastery Tours Sofia Mystique of Dragalevtsi Monastery A Journey Through TimeDiscover the Treasures of 'The Royal Monastery'Tours Sofia, nestled amidst the verdant slopes of Vitosha, Dragalevtsi Monastery of the Holy Mother of God stands as a testament to Bulgaria's rich religious heritage. Erected at the...


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