Is Bulgarian cuisine worth trying?

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Daily Sofia tours – Bulgarian cuisine

Daily Sofia tours – Bulgarian cuisine is definitely worth trying. All the meat dishes and a lot of flower based food. Even if you try a tomato; you will taste the difference. Here, we are proud to have the best tomatoes in the world.

The traditional Bulgarian cuisine is influenced partly by the culinary customs of the other Balkans nations and shares common features with the Greek, Turkish and the Serbian cuisines. The Bulgarian food is tasty and diverse. The geographical location of the country and its mild climate are perfect conditions for growing different vegetables; fruits, spices and herbs which are basic ingredients in the Bulgarian dishes.

Bulgaria is also famous for the diversity and the quality of its diary products which are widely used in the preparation of the typical Bulgarian food. The most favorite meat of the Bulgarians is the pork, followed by the chicken and the fish. The beef and the lamb meat are less common in the country’s cooking traditions; because most cattle here are actually bred for their milk and not for their meat. Another interesting feature in the Bulgarian cuisine is the fresh bread – the standard wheat bread (made mainly from white or wholegrain flour) is present on the Bulgarian table every day and is a constant companion to any main meal.

Daily Sofia tours – Fresh and naturally grown products

The traditional Bulgarian dishes are prepared from fresh, naturally grown products (the deep-frozen ingredients are less favorite) and are mainly pot-cooked; oven-backed or steamed. Frying is not very common and is mostly used for the preparation of French fries; French toast and for some other meat and fish recipes.

On the other hand, grilling of different kinds of meats is very popular in Bulgaria and grilled specialties are widely offered in every big and small restaurant; fast food canteens and street kiosks. Quite specific for the traditional Bulgarian culinary is the usage of many diverse spices; herbs and aromatic vegetables like garlic and onions during the preparation of the meals which makes the food very tasty and appetizing and adds a slight oriental note to it.

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