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Taste locals’ life walking tour Sofia
Women’s Market or Zhenski Pazar is the biggest market in Sofia. Although they make at least twice a week shopping from there (walking tour Sofia), when asked about the market locals express mixed feelings. It is an absolutely individual feeling. For some the market is ‘a natural, unstrained and at the same time very artistic place’ (says a young woman who visits the market weekly). For others, it is a place that sells bad production. In both cases, Women’s Market offers a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables. It offers cheese, meats, dried fruit and nuts. Also, homemade halva and other Turkish-inspired items. It is located in the centre of Sofia, close to Lion’s Bridge.
Up to 1990 the name of the market is Georgi Kirkov. That used to be the name of the boulevard at that time. The same market used to be called ‘Wheat market’ and ‘Horse Market’.
The market is divided in two alleys – the right-hand alley and the left-hand one. If you take the right-hand one you can buy fruits, vegetables and food. The left-hand one is for clothes (cheap, fake designer clothes), shoes and other cheap stuff.
During the years Women’s Market has made its name of a place where you can find anything. There you can find things you cannot find anywhere else. There is another Central Market Hall in Sofia which compared to Women’s Market loses the game. Zhenskiyat Pazar is an authentic place, definitely not a tourist attraction but can give every tourist, who dare to visit it, the genuine feeling to be a local.

Women’s Market, long lasting peculiar place
Women’s Market benefits from its long lasting presence. The market had been there, at the periphery of Sofia, when there was а desolated field around the place the Parliament is today. Due to market’s century-long existence, people developed habits to travel long to the place just to do grocery shopping. Walking tour Sofia doesn’t intend to make you do shopping, but to make you feel local.