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Sofia tours guide with the right thing for you
Life is an interesting thing. It is changing constantly and more and more new things are coming. Sometimes (in fact, quite often we started doing it) we go back to the tradition, to the old and already known. Sofia tours guide takes you back in ancient times; takes you back to ancient Sofia when it used to be Serdika. From that Serdika today we have remnants that make us proud people that in our lands glorious people lived. That ancient Serdika gives us the feeling of remarkable times.
Today’s Serdika (Serdika Centre Sofia) is one of the modern shopping malls in Sofia. Although it gets its name from Sofia’s ancient name, there is nothing ancient about the shopping centre. Nowadays Serdika gives us the possibility to be trendy, to be happy. Today’s Serdika is an absolute leader in size and variety of presented brands, than any other project of that type.
Serdika Centre Sofia was opened in the year 2010 and it is located on Sitnyakovo Boulevard, in the municipality of Oborishte. With its 210 shops and all the services and facilities it offers, Serdika Mall takes one of the first places among the other centres.
The location of the mall is important. It is only 5 minutes’ drive from Sofia’s main Trakia motorway. It is also 10 minutes away from Sofia Airport and 10 minutes from the central part of Sofia.

Sofia tours guide in the land of happiness
“The one who said, that you can’t buy happiness with money, didn’t know where to shop.” A famous actress said this and it suits Serdika Centre perfect. Therefore, if you want to be happy and fly on the wings of happiness, make sure you choose the right place to shop. And the right place is not far from the airport and from the central part of Sofia. The right place is Serdika Mall.