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Everything’s for sale
The market is very close to Alexander Nevski Cathedral. It’s not a very big place and it’s mainly aimed at tourists passing by or tourists that come for the Cathedral. Still, many interesting things can be found in this flea market. Go there with Sofia tour Guides. Many antique goods as jewellery boxes, coins and medals, old cameras, hand knitted socks can be found; these sweet, colourful Russian dolls which are placed one inside another, religious icons, paintings, wind-up gramophone records, daggers, Russian military helmets, communist memorabilia, old violins, good price silver jewellery and a whole host of bric-a-brac. The prices are a matter of the personal opinion of the seller. They depend on the seller’s opinion about the buyer. So, to make sure you make a good deal, you should definitely start bargaining. You should never pay the first price they offer.
Many icons by Bulgarian artists can also be seen in the middle of the flea market. Traditions in Bulgaria are well kept and older people, especially ladies, are the ones who preserve them. Very close to the flea market you will see these same ladies trying to sell handmade tablecloths, mats, hand knitted cotton, silk jumpers and cardigans. Make sure Sofia tour guides tell you some about the traditions in Bulgaria.

Be a bargainer – Sofia tour guides
When the buyer is foreign prices immediately get higher. That shouldn’t disappoint you. Instead, take the joy to discuss the price. Try bargaining. Bargaining is something you need to do at such markets. You don’t give the price they ask you. You start from the half and the rest is up to your ability of bargaining. Whether or not a bargaining-lover, you can always find what to enjoy.
Most of the sellers are friendly. Still some of them can get nervous when too many people are fiddling with the different stuff on their stall. As you can imagine it is not that easy to watch everybody. Some people can get small gifts without asking and paying for them ….. J.