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Sofia day trip, professional guide
Do we need a guide for Sofia? Deffinitely, you do. If you like to make your Sofia day trip unforgettable and to learn many things about the city and the Bulgarian culture, you need one of our friendly and knowledgeable guides. They will tell you all about Sofia history, mystery, culture and daily gossips.
History, I agree, you can read on your own. As much as you like. Still, it might not be as interesting for you as when a guide tells it to you. Surely, the guide needs to be a Professional. The Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful guide is a treasure. A treasure that is there to help you discover the treasures of a capital, of a country. Sofia and Bulgaria are not very big. Probably tourists can walk around the capital and explore it in a couple of days. I am sure, though, that a Sofia day trip with a guide will give you more positive emotions and you will learn more about the place.

Mystery, culture, daily gossips in Sofia day trip
Then the mystery, culture and daily gossips are a subject of discussion with a local mainly. The local that can best explain and give hints about these things is the guide.
To experience the culture of a country and people is not a quick and very easy process. The best you can do, though is to talk to people, to have a drink with them. A walk around their town will help as well. Who can be that person? The guide again.
Although the mystery of the place takes less time to be felt by tourists, you still need to be with the right person at the right place and the rest is feeling the atmosphere. The right person is the guide and the right place is the mixture of different sightseings.
And the daily gossips in their funniest aspect can be told in a fun way by a guide with great sense of humour.