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Sightseeing tour Sofia for nature lovers
Sightseeing tour Sofia takes you not only to beautiful historic and modern buildings in the city or shopping in any of its shopping malls or markets, because Sofia is not only that. Sofia is Vitosha Mountain as well. And Vitosha Mountain means beauty and numerous attractions. Boyana Waterfall is one of them and it is a very popular destination.
Deffinitely, it is not one of the highest or even among the highest waterfalls but it is surely a good reason to have a great day in the nature. And it will make for an ideal day trip destination away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. It is the largest in Vitosha Mountain and many say it’s the most beautiful example of its kind in this range. It’s an interesting experience to be in the nature and at the same time feel the rhythm of Sofia life somewhere close to you; breathing nicely in your neck but being unable to spoil your magical experience. The beautiful scenery makes you feel the power of nature; makes you dream and be a good person because you can feel nature in you.
It looks like as if this waterfall does not come from the Vitosha Mountain; but somewhere from the sky, carrying the rays of the azure and the noise of their storms.’’ After a trip (like our sightseeing tour Sofia) to the waterfall in 1920; the great Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov, was inspired with the magnificent scenery and he wrote that poetic review about the site.
The best time to enjoy the waterfall with its splashing waters; falling gracefully from 15 m, is spring time when the snow melts. It carries water down from higher ground to cascade over the rocky falls.

Let Boyana Waterfall awake your senses
When you visit a beautiful country, like Bulgaria where nature is one of the country’s treasures. It is also important not to miss out on the chance to connect with the great outdoors and take in some fantastic scenery and breathe in the magical air.
Do not to miss to visit this beautiful and popular spot in the Vitosha Mountain. If you are someone who prefers extreme adventures, then you should visit the waterfall in winter. The waterfall is also a popular site for ice climbing. Then it is a true challenge for the professionals.
Another interesting thing about Boyana Waterfall is what they say – that in clear weather the waterfall can be seen from the city centre of Sofia.