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Private Tours

private sofia tour

Who we are…

Arrive as strangers in private Sofia tour, leave as friends Private Sofia tour - We are a Bulgaria registered travel agency with the key aim...

Cultural Tours

customized guided sofia tours

St Nicholas Church

A magic place where wishes come true Join our customized guided Sofia tours and feel the atmosphere of the small bijou – the Russian church,...

Shopping Tours

Sofia Sightseeing Tours

Mall of Sofia

Shopping in Sofia sightseeing tours Not only is the capital of Bulgaria history, historical buildings and culture, but it is also a unique place. Sofia is also modern. It is...

Fun Tours

sofia day trips

Snail Home

A giant snail is climbing up the hill Sofia day trips - the Profligate Snail house is in fact a 5-storey building shaped like a...

Religion Tours

sofia sightseeing

Central Synagogue

Sofia sightseeing introduces an elegant ‘lady’ called the Sofia Synagogue Another site on the Sofia sightseeing list - its Majesty the Central Synagogue of Sofia....