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Daily Sofia tour – Sofia population
Daily Sofia tour – Sofia – the capital and the largest city of Bulgaria is the home of 2 760 000 people. 1 260 000 live in the city and 1 500 000 live in the functional urban area. Sofia, being the largest South Slavic city in the world slightly more populous than Belgrade.Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe and is the 14th largest country in Europe, although it is fairly sparsely populated with just 66 people per square kilometer (171/sq mi), ranking 101st in the world. It’s estimated that Bulgaria has a population of 7,186,893 in 2016.
Daily Sofia tour – According to the CIA World Factbook, the population of Bulgaria as of 2015 was 7,186,893. This reflected a slight decrease from the population of 7.36 million recorded during the 2011 census. Based on the most recent estimates, Bulgaria is ranked as the 101st most populous country in the world. With a total area of 111,002 square kilometers, the country has a population density of 64 people per square kilometer, or 166 people per square mile. The capital, Sofia, is also the largest city with an estimated population of 1.26 million people. Seventy-three percent of Bulgaria’s population lives in urban regions, with 1/6 of the population residing in the Sofia area.

Daily Sofia tour – Bulgaria Demographics
Approximately 85% of the population is Bulgarian, with other major ethnic groups being Turkish (8.8%); Roma (4.9%) and about 40 small minority groups totaling 0.7%. Bulgarian is the official language of the country; and it is the native language for over 85% of the country’s residents.