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The pearl of customized daily Sofia tours
 If there is a symbol that stands out the most in Sofia’s recent history, it is undoubtedly Memorial Temple ‘St. Alexander Nevsky’. The symbol of Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, and the second largest Eastern Orthodox Cathedral on the Balkan Peninsula, covers an area of 3170 sq. metres. It can accommodate up to 5000 people. Architecturally and culturally, the temple is a real pearl in the crown of the capital Sofia and customized daily Sofia tours.
Right after the Liberation of Bulgaria, the Constituent National Assembly took a decision. The Assembly was held in the former capital town of Veliko Tarnovo. It was for the temple to be built. Initially, it had to be built there but after Sofia was chosen as the capital of Bulgaria, the place changed. Another interesting fact is that the place for the Cathedral was chosen outside of Sofia. That place was the highest. It is 552.672 m above the sea level.
The building had to inspire with grandeur. Alexander Nevski Cathedral was dedicated to the Russian liberators, the Russian soldiers who died for the liberation of Bulgaria.
The name also holds a deep symbolism. Prince Alexander Nevski was not only the patron of the Russian Emperor Alexander II. He was also a great warrior and diplomat. His big merit was to unite Russia.

A new symbol was born
The construction of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral started in 1882. Then the foundation stone was laid and the building was finished in 1912. There was the initial project of Ivan Bogomolov. However, after his death, it was completely changed by Alexander Pomerantsev. The construction and decoration were done by a team of Bulgarian, Russian, Austro-Hungarian and other European artists.