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City tours Sofia – Culinary Sofia
City tours Sofia – The most enjoyable way to understand and feel the different culture is to try their food. That’s why we like to get you to some authentic restaurants in your city tours Sofia. In addition, we like to make you try some snacks on the street. Although Bulgarian food is not as sophisticated as the French one, the ingredients we use are so delicious and that makes Bulgarian food marvelous. For it’s not far from the truth that almost all Bulgaria is doing organic farming. We are proud to say that here you can find probably the best tomatoes in the world.
End of June, you can see many families out of the city and on the hills collecting herbs from the nature. We believe that herbs make the food really delicious. Sofia, as the capital of the country, hosts all the variation of our cuisine. Because of the different climate and diverse landscape of the country, Bulgarian food consists of a big variety of locally grown produce and a vast range of soups and salads. That will definitely take your interest in our city tours Sofia.
One thing though that can be a little out of standard is the service. Not always it’s the European standards. For example, when you are four and you order four different meals, they all might arrive at different times. On the bright side, that is a good way to try everything – if you are the first one served, you feel guilty and offer the rest to try your meal. Funny, although annoying at times!
Let’s have a look at some of the traditional restaurants in our city.

City tours Sofia – Art Club Museum
The restaurant gets its name from the Art museum and it is right behind it. It looks quite crowded but there is a second floor and you can enjoy your food. The restaurant combines modern and ancient design. Food wise, you can find really nice traditional food as well as European one.