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Saint Nikolai Sofiyski

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Tranquil atmosphere, beautiful piece of architecture, Sofia tour guide A tour guide is the person who makes your experience with a different culture, in a different country, more interesting and better understood. A Sofia tour guide with their local (not only) knowledge for the capital of Bulgaria, is surely here to share it with you. Not a very big church was St Nikolai...

Sveta Petka Samardjiyska

Sofia guided tours
Sofia guided tours - Sveta Petka Samardjiyska Inspiring, small and precious Sveta Petka Samardjiyska outstands in Sofia guided tours. The Church of St. Petka of the Saddlers or as in Bulgarian language, Sveta Petka Samardjiyska is another flower in the wreath of Sofia guided tours. There used to be an old, small one-naved building partially dug into the ground located in...

Boyana Church

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Medieval architecture and outstanding art in private Sofia tours Nowadays, there are private Sofia tours that tell us interesting stories and facts of bygone times. A story like that is the one of the Boyana Church – the tiny jewel in the suburbs of Sofia. Once upon a time, during the Middle Ages, there was the strong Bulgarian fortress that stood...

Banya Bashi Mosque

sightseeing Sofia
Symbol of tolerance - Banya Bashi Mosque in sightseeing Sofia Banya Bashi Mosque, Molla Efendi or Kadi Seyfullah Mosque are all names of the only functioning mosque in Sofia. Once there used to be 70 mosques in Sofia, today though this is the only one left. A sightseeing Sofia, the mosque had been initiated and sponsored by the kadi of Sofia...

Dragalevtsi Monastery

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Tours Sofia see ‘The Royal Monastery’ Dragalevtsi Monastery of the Holy Mother of God of Vitosha belongs to the group of monasteries around Sofia that were erected at the end of the 14th and 15th century. The monastery can easily be Tours Sofia and an escape from the capital’s daily life. It is the most impressive monastery around Sofia. It...

Central Synagogue

sofia sightseeing
Sofia sightseeing introduces an elegant ‘lady’ called the Sofia Synagogue Another site on the Sofia sightseeing list - its Majesty the Central Synagogue of Sofia. It is the largest one in the Southeastern Europe. It’s a functioning synagogue and there is another functioning one in Plovdiv. In Europe the Sofia Synagogue is the third-largest. The synagogue is also known and described...

St George Rotunda

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Private guided Sofia tours hide a small church The small ‘St. George’ Rotunda Church is the hidden treasure in private guided Sofia tours. It is hiding among encircling buildings like a hotel and the Presidential building. The temple is one of the oldest architectural monuments in Sofia. Although it is small in size, it’s interesting to be seen inside. The Rotunda...

Saint Sofia

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Private tour guide Sofia - Legends talk about Saint Sofia Church Private tour guide Sofia and legends say that centuries ago there was a princess named Sofia. She was ill and she came to the town of Sofia (once Serdica). Fortunately, she got healed and recovered. Grateful and in need to praise God, wh helped her, Sofia built Saint Sofia...

St Paraskeva Church

sofia daily city tours
St Paraskeva Church Sofia daily city tours present the unusual Church of St Paraskeva. People who step into the shrine, are amazed by the church’s beauty and grandeur. The church shows great respect for the St Paraskeva Martyr. St Paraskeva Church is the third-largest church in Sofia and is one of the most remarkable ones in the capital. Plans to build...

Sveti Sedmochislenitsi

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Private tour Sofia and one of Sofia’s central streets. The street where the trams wake the people up and a divine church lights up their day. The church of Cyril and Methodius and their five disciples, known in the Orthodox Church collectively as the Sedmochislenitsi. If walls could talk, each building would have a story to tell. Some of the...

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