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Where does the name Sofia come from?

Sofia Tours - Sofia means the Divine Wisdom. The city of Sofia was called Sofia because of St Sofia Church and Sophia the Martyr...
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Do we need a guide for Sofia?

Yes you do. If you like to make your Sofia tours unforgettable and to learn many things about the city and the Bulgarian culture,...
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Is Bulgarian cuisine worth trying?

Yes, Bulgarian cuisine is definitely worth trying. All the meat dishes and a lot of flower based food. Even if you try a tomato,...
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What are the symbols of Sofia?

There are many symbols of Sofia. Even one of the new symbol of Sofia is guided Sofia tour. The Spectacular Saint Sofia statue is the...
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What are the older names of Sofia?

Guided Sofia tours - In 1400 – 1300 BC. Sofia's area was populated by the Thracian tribe of Tilataei.  The tribe Serdi, invaded the...
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What is the climate in Sofia?

Guided tours Sofia - Sofia climate is humid continental with an average temperature of 11 °C (51 °F). Winters are snowy and cold. The temperature...
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When was Sofia settled?

Manhood started to use Sofia as their home from 8th millennium BC. It is the oldest city in Europe.
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How many people live in Sofia?

Daily Sofia tour. Sofia - the capital and the largest city of Bulgaria is the home of 2 760 000 people. 1 260 000...
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Private Tours

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Who we are…

Arrive as strangers in private Sofia tour, leave as friends Private Sofia tour - We are a Bulgaria registered travel agency with the key aim...

Cultural Tours

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St Nicholas Church

A magic place where wishes come true Join our customized guided Sofia tours and feel the atmosphere of the small bijou – the Russian church,...

Shopping Tours

Sofia Walking Tour

Central Market Hall

All colours and scents in Sofia walking tour Sofia Market Hall became one of the hot point of Sofia walking tour. It dates back to...

Fun Tours

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Communist Sofia

Socialist Sofia in Sofia Old City Tours Although many monuments had been destroyed or neglected after the Communist regime. We can still see many of...

Religion Tours

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St George Rotunda

Private guided Sofia tours hide a small church The small ‘St. George’ Rotunda Church is the hidden treasure in private guided Sofia tours. It is...